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Subversion Rocks

In the past I have tried to use CVS for my source control solution. Having used various CLI tools in the past I wasn’t put off by its interface. However I never quite clicked with the CVS way of doing things. In particular I was put off by the difficulty in renaming or moving files once they were under source control.

Subversion, from Tigris, is a breath in fresh air. The biggest departure from CVS is that Subversion tracks files, directories, and the metadata about those objects. And it easily allows renaming and moving files or directories.

The Subclipse plugin for Eclipse rather seamlessly integrates your repository in the IDE. In just a couple of weeks I’ve managed to place all of my websites, and several complex work related project, under source control.

I can highly recommend the Pragmatic Version Control Using Subversion book. And I can highly recommend Subversion itself.


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