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Project Set Files and Eclipse Preference FIles

Working in a collabrative development environment presents some challenges. Once you have your source control approach ironed out and working you still have the problem of keeping every one’s IDE in sync in terms of option settings.

Luckily the Eclipse platform, and WebSphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD) which inherits from Eclipse, provides two mechanisms for assiting a team of developers who wish to keep their individual environments in sync with each other. The first is project team sets and the second, eclipse preference files.

Team Project Sets (PSF) Project team sets, or PSF files, allow you to capture the setup and contents of a workspace to allow sharing with other team members. This tool is dependent upon the use of a centralized source control system such as CVS, ClearCase, or Subversion. Since the resources inside a project under version control are kept in the repository, it is possible to share projects with team members by sharing a reference to the repository specific information needed to reconstruct a project in the workspace. This is done using a special type of file export for team project sets.

Once you have the project setup properly in one workspace, you select the project and export it as a Team Project Set. Other team members can then use this PSF file to construct their workspaces.

Eclipse Preference File (EPF) The other area that can cause multiple developers working against shared source difficulties is IDE preferences. For example in WSAD with Rational XDE integration there is a code generation tool that can keep the Java code model in sync with the UML model and vice-versa. If one team member has auto-sync turned on and another team member doesn’t inconsistencies in the model and source will rapidly result. Considerable time will be lost has effort will have to be expended to untangle the two views of the project.

By establishing a set of preferences and exporting them as a EPF file, and sharing that file will all team members it is possible to avoid at least some of the problems resulting from different IDE preference settings.


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  1. Just thought this will be a good input for anyone looking for related content on your already excellent topic.

    To import the .psf file, do the following.
    – From the WSAD main menu.
    File > import > select “Team Project Set” in the wizard click next > browse and pick the .psf file from your local directory > finish.

    All set you should be good to go.

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