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Eclipse Tricks

Recently I uncovered some new (to me anyway) Eclipse tricks.

First up is the “lightbulb” icon that appears in the line number. In addition to providing assistance with errors, it also provides context sensitive wizards. For example, it will appear for nonexistent classes giving you access to the new class or new interface dialog. Very slick.

Second, I learned that the Source menu contains an entry for generating getters and setters. I actually think I had seen this before, but was so used to hand-coding these methods that I had forgotten about it. This past week, with some new coding to do after a long hiatus, I am appreciating the time savings of using generated accessors and mutators.

Like its big brother WSAD, Eclipse is a rich platform that contains many features. I’ve never purchased a book about an IDE before, but I’d be tempted for Eclipse.


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