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Subclipse and Eclipse 3.1

With the release of Eclipse 3.1 and MyEclipse 4.0M2 for Eclipse 3.1, I updated my development environment to the latest release of both products. This required adding the Subclipse plugin from Tigris to allow access to my repository.

Tigris has yet to release a plug in for Eclipse 3.1, however I have been able to use the 3.0 plugin with minimal difficulty.

The local update site from Tigris doesn’t work for me at all. I have repeated downloaded the update site ZIP file, unzipped it and added the resulting folder as a local update site in Eclipse. The update has never worked this way.

The 0.9.31 release of Subclipse does not work for me under the final release of Eclipse 3.1. And, since the local update site path doesn’t work either, I was forced to copy the feature and plugin jars from my previous Eclipse (3.1M6) installation to the new 3.1 final installation. This reverted me to the 0.9.30 release of Subclipse and restored access to my repository.

The problem with 0.9.31 is an inability to access the ‘root url’ setting when setting a new repository location. In 0.9.30 the browse button displayed various parcings of the repository url, allowing you to make a selection. In 0.9.31 this button doesn’t work. At least on Mac OS X 10.3.9.

By coping over the JARs from features and plugins I was able to regain access.


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