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Extreme Makover: Software Edition

One of my new favorite shows is "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." I like the idea of helping people who really need it, and building an entire house in seven days is a great hook for the show. As an enterprise software architect I am very intriqued by the amount of planning that must occur behind the scenes.

The current project team I am a part of has 17 resources assigned to it and it is nearly a fulltime task to keep the project plan updated with work that has occured and work that is ongoing. Planning ahead so that all 17 of us don’t run out of tasks is another nearly fulltime activity. I simply cannot imagine the effort it must take to manage the 200-300 or more people involved in EMHE each week.

My hat is off to the project planner behind the scenes at ABC who developed the template project plan, and to the onsite manager(s) who are able to utilize it to complete demolition of the existing structure and construction of a new house in 168 hours.


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