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Network Latency

Yesterday morning I started the IBM Installation Manager so I could update my version of RSA from 7.0 to  Twenty-three hours later the process was still running having completed only 53% of the estimated work.  Obviously something wasn’t kosher.  When I discovered the process was still running this morning my first thought was that the anti-virus software was inspecting the download and causing it to run so slowly.  However, a quick peak at the active processes revealed no virus scanning activity.  After describing the situation to a fellow denizen of the local cube-farm I tried disconnecting all the network drives attached to my workstation.  In the next twenty minutes the process finished the final 47%.

It would seem that here at Widgets-R-Us network latency is a problem.


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Not Making a Splash

I’ve been using Eclipse, or Eclipse-based tools for many years now, and in all that time I’ve never had need to turn off the splash screen that is displayed when the tooling first starts. However, the latest and greatest Rational Software Architect from IBM (basically a huge plug-in to Eclipse) manages to hide the workspace chooser behind the splash upon startup. Since RSA can be a bit slow getting loaded and running it is easy to assume the worst and wait for the workspace chooser.

And wait.

And wait.

So I’ve added the -nosplash switch to my RSA shortcut thus eliminating the splash and making the workspace chooser visible as soon as it pops up.

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