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Portable Apps

Off and on I have been using portable apps, run from a USB-key as a part of my daily work experience. In my former life as a consultant I was bared from running some software on the client-provided workstation, and in some instances didn’t have administrator access to install software I wanted. Being able to run Firefox or GAIM from my thumb-drive was a life saver.

In a couple of months I am taking a vacation to Europe and I am strongly considering not taking a laptop with me. Instead I’ll rely on my portable Firefox, Thunderbird, and GAIM to provide me the connectivity I want. I’ll be taking a portable 40 GB hard drive with its choice of Firewire or USB connection too, to hold pictures captured from my camera. The only piece missing from this portable collection (other than the laptop) is some kind of protection against key loggers on public Internet cafe machines. Once I locate something that I can run from the key itself to ensure that no one is snooping on my activity, I’ll be laptop free but still connected.

PortableApps. Check it out.


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