code prole


coding for the proletariat since 1977

About codeprole

My dictionary defines prole as a noun meaning a member of the working class; a worker. The origin is from the late 19th century; as an abbreviation of the word proletariat. Since 1977, and my introduction to computers, I’ve considered myself to be a coder, programmer, or bit-flipper. So a code prole is one who codes, programs, or develops systems as a member of the working class.

After nearly thirty years as a coder I have managed to elevate myself considerably from what most would consider working class. However, I see the middle class as vanishing, and with rare exceptions those who are in that strata today will find themselves in the working class tomorrow. Throughout my career I have eschewed working for companies that made profits off the sweat of others; indeed much of my work has been for the government or government managed utilities.

I have been coding for the proletariat since 1977.

I have other sites where I discuss my personal life, but this site is focused on the technical and political aspects of working as a software consultant in today’s global outsourcing community (“Remember, if your job can be done from home, it can be done from India.”). I am choosing to keep my true identity anonymous here so that I will not suffer any repercussions from discussions about my current employment engagement.


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