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Old Dog, New Tricks

In an effort to dust of my long languishing programming skills I’ve decided to learn Cocoa programming on the Mac. Sure, my job uses Java primarily but I mostly understand it, even if I don’t regularly code Java. Ultimately I’d like to contribute to an open source project, Adium for example. Contributing to a widely used open source project would be acceptance on a grand scale.

The Adium project uses Mercurial for source control, and I’ve already started learning it. What I really need is an update XCode / Cocoa tutorial or book. I’ve got a copy of Vermont Recipes, but it was written for the inital XCode release and too many of the underlying tools have dramatically changed for it to be an effective resource. Fortunately my employer has a Safari account and I can access several Cocoa programming resources there.

In addition to learning Mercurial and XCode / Cocoa, I’ll need to reintroduce myself to programming. It’s a discipline I’ve always enjoyed but one I’ve lost. The concepts are still here, I just need to brush them off and reapply them.

Ideally I’ll track my progress here. Hopefully this posting won’t be the only one on this subject.


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Updating My OS

I am preparing to upgrade my primary computer, a Macintosh Powerbook G4, to Tiger aka Mac OS X 10.4. When I made the upgrade from Jaguar (10.2.8) to Panther (10.3) I inadvertently lost all the web and java related development software that was installed in the /usr/local directory structure.

On that occasion I made use of the archive and install feature, which worked flawlessly. It was my own ignorance of the process that caused the loss of my files. This time, being forewarned, I’ll be archive the /usr/local contents, and a couple of other directory trees before starting the install.

The real trick will be getting all the files back into place afterwards.

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