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Used Car Recruiting

Recently I updated my resume on the major technical job search sites, something I do once a year of so, if for no other reason than to test the tech market waters. As is always the case following a resume refresh, the amount of job related email and phone messages increases. I am afraid to say this, but, looking for a job in the technical market space is ever so slowly inching towards the “buying a used car” end of the user experience spectrum.

A few points for the recruiters among you to consider:

A. My profile very clearly states that I am NOT interested in relocation or travel beyond a bare minimum amount. More than half of the inquiries I get or for positions hundreds if not thousands of miles away, and/or engagements that would have me living out of a suitcase at the local “suite” motel. Why are you wasting my time and yours?

B. Just because I use the words “configuration management” in my resume does not mean that I am a Configuration Manager. Relying solely on keyword matching to blindly send out emails or make cold calls displays a shocking lack of involvement in me and my future. If you can’t be bothered to eye-ball my resume to see if I am at least a cursory fit before calling me, why am I to believe that you will be there for me when the chips are on the table and I need back up during the assignment?

C. Calls or emails which can be paraphrased as “Do you know anyone with these qualifications?” will be deleted immediately. Why should I do your leg work for you?

D. Proofread, proofread, proofread. Surely there is someone in your organization for whom ESL is not an excuse.

E. Given the choice between two return email addresses, pick the company one. Maybe I’m a snob, but working with a recruiter “in” the tech industry who still uses an AOL account as their primary email just doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.

F. Don’t insult me by asking, after telling me the title of the position, what my rate expectations are. My rate is based on location, duration, and enhancement to skill set. And there will be a discussion of total compensation value long before I play “guess the number in your head” to move on to the “interview level” of “Let’s Make a Job Deal.”

G. If you send me an email, or leave me a voice mail, stating that I should reply to you with a resume if I am interested and I do not reply, assume I am not interested. Do not hound me with emails and phone calls.

H. Finally, you are not my friend. Nor am I yours. We will have a professional, and hopefully cordial, relationship for as long as it takes you to ink a deal between myself and my next employer. Once you get your 30 pieces of gold you will disappear from my life forever. Don’t pry into my private life and I won’t pry into yours.

Got it?



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