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Active Record

The Crossing Borders: Exploring Active Record article, from Bruce Tate, is a great introduction into the difference between Hibernate’s mapping paradigm, and the wrapping paradigm of Active Record. I also completely agree that exploring other development plaftorms will only strengthen your understand of your primary technology, be it Java, Ruby, PHP, or COBOL.


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Programming with Ruby

After reading about Ruby on Rails for the past year on the web I finally decided I’d find out what all the hoopla was about. After purchasing Agile Web Development with Rails from Pragmatic Programmers I was able to create a web store application in just a few minutes, complete with a MySQL back end. Not only was Rails a full MVC stack, it was well laid out, provided excellent assistance where needed, and it was fun to use.

Deciding that I wanted to know more about Ruby itself I used the coupon included in the back of the Rails book to purchase Programming Ruby last week, also from Pragmatic. I haven’t learned a new programming language in a long time, especially just for fun. I don’t think I could have picked a better new tool to pick up and learn. Ruby is light-weight, easy to code and read, and fun to work with. After working in the J2EE space for several years, and dealing with the rather cumbersome MVC stack as provided by Struts, Rails is a refreshing look at how easy it should be to develop web applications.

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